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Beyond Media Literacy

This handbook is for anyone interested in breaking away from the antiquated models of media literacy that are promoted in school curriculums everywhere. It attempts to flip the script by explaining that young people may have more to teach us about media literacy than we do them. Young people are hungry to explore, understand, and repurpose media to make it relevant to their lives and their understanding of the world. As parents, teachers, community workers, and allies, we need to change the way we approach media education by working with young people rather than talking at them.

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What's Up Walk In

We created an innovative Q&A video series to relieve anxiety for visitors to Toronto's What's Up Walk-In service.

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Toronto Youth Equity Strategy

The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES) is based on the idea that those youth who are most vulnerable to involvement in serious violence and crime do not have equitable access to the comprehensive supports they need to change their lives for the better. The purpose of this Youth Equity Strategy is to address what the City can do to better serve the needs of this specific population, within its authority to plan, manage, deliver, and advocate.

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What's Up Walk In Video

Our walk-in clinics are a FREE mental health and addictions counselling service for youth and families to help with issues like depression, bullying, sexual identity, behavioural concerns …or anything else that’s on your mind.